Package Description

Zoom/Pan Options

FoundryVTT module to change zooming and panning through the mouse or a touchpad. It has several settings, which can be toggled individually and stored locally (per client).

Zoom around cursor

  • When zooming in and out, the camera will stay focused on the cursor, like in many other applications.
  • This does not affect PageUp, PageDown, or Numpad +/-. Those will still zoom into or out of the center of the screen.

Middle-mouse to pan

  • Holding the middle mouse button and dragging around will pan around the map, just like the right mouse button, instead of showing the "auto scroll" icon (which is useless in Foundry).
  • This will mimic the default right-mouse panning, though it will ignore tokens, tiles, etc (instead of selecting them).

Disable zoom rounding

  • Disables default Foundry behavior, which rounds zoom to the nearest 1%. Will make zooming smoother, especially for touchpad users.

Minimum/Maximum Zoom Override

  • Override for the minimum and maximum zoom scale limits. 10 is the Foundry default - you can't zoom in to get a bigger than a x10 scale closeup, or zoom out to get a smaller than a x0.1 "wide shot" of the scene. For example, if you change this to 20, you'll be able to zoom in twice as close and zoom out twice as far.

Pan/Zoom Modes:

"Default" mode

  • Same as the Foundry behavior

"Touchpad" mode

  • Pan with two-finger drag on the touchpad.
  • Zoom with two-finger pinch or Ctrl+scroll.
  • Rotate with Shift+scroll and Ctrl+Shift+scroll.
  • (Ctrl can be replaced with Cmd (mac) or WinKey (windows), as usual in Foundry)

"Alternative" mode

  • Pan with touchpad, or with mouse: vertical mouse scroll will pan up and down, and horizontal mouse scroll will pan left and right.
  • Zoom with two-finger pinch or Ctrl+scroll.
  • Rotate with Alt+Shift+scroll and Alt+Ctrl+scroll.
  • (Ctrl can be replaced with Cmd (mac) or WinKey (windows), as usual in Foundry)

Pan speed multiplier

  • Only used in touchpad and alternative modes. Multiplies pan speed. Defaults to 1, which should be close to the pan speed when right-click-dragging the canvas.

Zoom speed multiplier

  • Useful if your zoom is too sensitive, or not sensitive enough.
  • Set to 0 for default Foundry behavior (5% zoom per mouse tick, always).
  • Set to 1 for zooming based on scroll delta, which should be similar to default zoom for most common mouse types.
  • Set to 0.1 for slower zooming, or 10 for faster zooming.
  • Technically you can give this a negative value to flip your zoom directions, if you're an oddball.

Invert vertical scroll

  • Only used in touchpad and alternative modes. If set to true, you will scroll up when dragging/scrolling down.


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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0

  2. Version 1.3.6

  3. Version 1.3.7

  4. Version 1.3.8

  5. Version 1.3.9

  6. Version 1.4.0

  7. Version 1.5.3

  8. Version 1.6.1

  9. Version 1.6.3

  10. Version 1.6.5

  11. Version 1.6.8

  12. Version 1.6.9

  13. Version 1.6.10

  14. Version 1.7.0

  15. Version 1.7.2