Package Description

This is unofficial implementation of Wolsung 1.5 edition, Polish steampunk pulp fantasy RPG system. The system is only avaliable in Polish with Foundry set up in English.


  • 3 different actor sheet for each type of characters: bohater (PC), obsada (NPC) and BN (NPC without stats),
  • Automaticaly created Cards hands for the Gamemaster and each player with Wolsung specific cards and Wolsung tokens,
  • Gamemaster Command /wss (Wolsung Session Start) which prepare the game for starting new RPG session by handing out cards and tokens.
  • Right click context menu on hands for easy cards and tokens dealing by GM.
  • 3 types of encounters (Walka, Pościg, Dyskusja) and Va Banque encounters. Initiative in encounters is determined by drawing Cards in each round.
  • Initiative can be modified by using cards. Character with Joker as an initiative has dices exploding on lower by one value.
  • Wolsung specific rolls by command /wr or from the character's sheets. The exploded dices are counted as 10 and the higher result is taken.
  • Roll's results can be modified by using cards and tokens (adding bonus or dice).
  • Generic usage of tokens and cards for events not handled by system automatisation.
  • Instructions for Players and the Gamemaster in the Compendium.



Bohater Sheet

Wolsung Open License

Wolsung 1.5 for Foundry VTT autorstwa Michał "Feanir" Alicki to niezależny
dodatek do Wolsunga, niepowiązany z autorem gry, którym jest Artur Ganszyniec.
Produkt wydany w ramach Otwartej Licencji Wolsunga.

Wolsung: Magia Wieku Pary, został wymyślony przez Artura Ganszyńca i wydany
przez Kuźnię Gier.

Wolsung: Magia i Melonik, copyright © Artur Ganszyniec. Wszelkie prawa

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.6.3

  2. Version 0.6.4