WFRP4E: More Subspecies

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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WFRP4E: More Subspecies

This module adds a collection of new homebrew subspecies to choose from in the WFRP4E character generation.

Species selection box

Supported species

At the moment, the module supports the following human subspecies:

Dataset Subspecies
Bretonnian Humans Bretonnian (Generic), Aquitainian, Artoin, Bastonnian, Bordelen, Brionnian, Carcassonnian, Couronnian, Gisoren, L'Anguillian, Lyonen, Montfortian, Mousillonian, Parravonese, Queneller
Estalian Humans Estalian (Generic)
Imperial Humans Altdorfer, Averlander, Drakenwalder, Hochlander, Middenheimer, Middenlander, Nordlander, Nulner, Ostlander, Ostmarker, Reiklander, Salzenmunder, Sollander, Stirlander, Strigany, Sylvanian, Talabeclander, Talabheimer, Wastelander, Wissenlander
Kislevite Humans Kislevite (Generic), Gospodar, Ropsmenn, Ungol
Tilean Humans Tilean (Generic)

All subspecies added by this module are prefixed with *.

Species selection box

Source Data

You can find more information about each subspecies skills and talents in this Google Sheet.

This homebrew compilation was based on this Google Sheet that I found online and later refined to use in my groups. If you are the original author, please reach out so I can give you proper attribution for your work.

Homebrew design choices


If you have suggestions please open an issue.

Installation / Usage

This module requires the WFRP4E System and the Core Module.

  1. Install the package following the standard Foundry procedure.
  2. Go to the module settings and choose the subspecies you want to allow in your game.
  3. Start a new character generation with the /char command to use the enabled subspecies.

IMPORTANT: The WFRP4E character generator requires either a GM to be present (from the very start of the process) or players to have the Create New Actors permission.


The module has a settings page that you can use to customize the experience to your liking. Read more about it here.

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Supported Game Systems

  1. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

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