The Waxwyrm Bounties

An Add-on Module by Menagerie Press

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The Waxwyrm Bounties

A Menagerie Press 5e adventure for 3rd-5th level characters.

A monstrous raid has left the town of Ashwood in ruins. The desperate townsfolk have placed bounties on the creatures leading the raiders, hoping heroes and mercenaries will come to save what is left of Ashwood. The Waywyrm Bounties features five adventures that are playable individually or as a modular mini campaign. 


The heroes are offered a series of three interconnected bounties, playable in any order. One bounty is for Hydac, an orc matriarch and sorceress . Another bounty target is Xagu, a hungry hill giant. The third bounty is Josseill Snowstar, a halfling druid, and Ghirah, her winter wolf companion. All three of these bounties are connected to Su-Davnulth, the secretive green dragon known as the Waxwyrm to her minions.


The adventure is broken down into five parts and a conclusion. After the introduction, the adventurers tackle the three bounties (Hydac the orc, Xagu the giant, and Josseill the halfling) in any order before attempting to defeat the Waxwyrm:

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Released on 9 November 2023

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