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Adds the ability to set wall height for walls so that tokens can look over them (or under them).

This Module adds the ability to give a vertical height to walls, this means that tokens can look and move under\over them depending on their elevation. To further enhance the threedimensionality of your experience the use of Levels is suggested as well!


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IMPORTANT Wall Height 4.0+ Data Migration

Due to misconfigured data stracture from the old implementation, i've rewritten a good portion of the module and fixed said data structure, this requires a data migration - during the first launch of Wall Height version 4.0+ the module will auto migrate the data on all your scenes and compendiums (this includes token attacher data). If you need to migrate the data again (for example if you import premium content from creators that was not migrated) you can always do the migration again by enabling the setting in the module settings and refreshing (f5).

Macros are also included to run migrations if needed.

How To Migrate content creator maps and prefabs

If you prefer you can check the video guide by zephyr

If you aquire content made with the old data structure here is how to manually migrate scenes\compendiums and Token Attacher Prefabs:

  1. Enable the modules that you wish to migrate ( EG. Baileywiki Maps Towns )
  2. Unlock ALL the actor compendiums containing Token Attacher Prefabs
  3. In the Wall Height Macro compendium Wall Height Macros run the Wall Height - Migrate Everything Macro and wait for it to finish
  4. In the Token Attacher Macro compendium Example Macros run (TA) Migrate Actors for Wall Height and (TA) Migrate Compendiums for Wall Height Macros waiting for each one to finish.
  5. Done, you are now migrated to the new data structure - You can repeat this process how many times you want.

*Note: you can check the progress of the Token Attacher macros in the console (F12)


The top and bottom heights of the walls are configurable in the wall configuration dialog.


New Lighting/Sound Restriction

Since 4.0+ Wall Height has the ability to calculate light and sound polygons indipendently of the selected token by enabling the "Constrained by Elevation" option. This option is Globally Enabled by default - you can turn it off in the module settings.


For this option to work you need to assign an elevation value (top\bottom) to the light\sound - these values are shared with Levels. For a source to be constrained by a wall it's whole range must be included in the wall (eg. 0/9 light will be constrained by 0/9 wall but not by a 0/8 wall)


Finally, 3.5 adds a Macro Compendium, with a Set Elevation macro, which allows for quick updating of the elevation of multiple tokens, handy when the party is moving to different levels on a multilevel map.

With 3.5.2, the Set Elevation macro has been modified to support Multilevel Tokens ( (can accept one or two parameters for entry and exit elevations).

libWrapper is now a required dependency.

Elevation Helpers

To avoid data duplication, Wall Height uses a data path belonging to the Levels module to store it's elevation - If Levels is not enabled you can use these helpers to read and set the elevation of a sound or light document

WallHeight.setTopSourceElevation(document, value)

WallHeight.setBottomSourceElevation(document, value)

Or, if you want to set\get both at the same time

WallHeight.setSourceElevationBounds(document, bottom, top)

Project Status

Thank you to Cole Schultz (cole#9640) for the original implementation and Erithtotl (Erithtotl#5139) for maintaining the module. I (theripper93) have now taken over the Module.

As I'm now mantaining the module, Wall Height will keep preserving it's orginal porpouse of setting an elevation to walls, to keep this module as conflict free as possible no other functionalies for three dimensional navigation will be added since those will be kept for implementation in Levels while this module will serve as a light weight variant for verticality for users that don't need the full suit of features.

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