Package Description

Tokenizer registers itself automatically in the most used game systems, and opens up when you click on the avatar image from a character sheet. It enables you do create both a new Avatar image and Token image by using multiple stacked layers and easy to use interface.

First glance at Tokenizers UI

You can find details instructions on how to use Tokenizer at the linked website, after you created a couple Tokens you will see that most of the functionality is very intuitive - if you do not agree we can always discuss on what to do better on the next release! 

Creating nice tokens made easy

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  1. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version 3.0.1

  2. Version 3.1.0

  3. Version 3.1.1

  4. Version 3.1.2

  5. Version 3.1.3

  6. Version 3.1.6