Package Description

Video Game Music

Adds music playing powers to FoundryVTT like it's a gosh-darn video game.

Once music managed by this module is playing again after being interupted (by combat, for example), it will resume at its last position.


Adding battle music to actors

For actors, their music is located on their titlebars.

Actor Music Entry

Clicking this should open the following window:

Actor Music Selector

Drag and drop a playlist from the sidebar to the Combat field, and it should now should something like the following:

Actor Music Selector with Playlist

Optionally, select a specific track for the playlist to start.

Adding music to scenes

For scenes, their music is located within the following section:

Scene Music Entry

Clicking this button should open the following window:

Scene Music Selector

To add a playlist, drag one from the sidebar onto the appropriate field.

'Zone' music will play while this scene is active. 'Battle' music will play during combat within this scene, and as long as there's no actor with their own battle music participating in combat (though this could partially be changed within the module configuration).

Temporarily supressing music

Area music and combat music can be supressed individually by using the following buttons on the sidebar panel:

Sidebar Controls

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.0

  2. Version 0.1.2