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Sky Gardens Battle Map

Sky Gardens

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

The quiet bubbling of water and a faint breeze paints this scene with serenity. A set of wooden platforms, designed to depict the Kanji symbol for sky and above, provides passage over the water, connecting the gardens to a small eastern temple. Cherry blossom trees send into the air a sweet myriad of pink and red leaves, landing softly on the ground. Nothing could disturb this peace, right?

Encounter Hook

The party's destination amongst the tranquillity of these gardens might be the temple, or at least the bridge that lies beyond it. Emerging from the shadows of the trees, however, and leaping from concealment at the gates, might be spotted a number of black-clad figures, each wielding large curved swords of steel that glint in the sunlight, each ready, it seems, to bar passage into the temple. The challenge facing the party might then increase beyond this, the platforms turning ethereal at random intervals, and the shadow of some aquatic creature lurking beneath the water's surface.

Sky Gardens Map Variants

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