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Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

This bundle pack includes grid and gridless 40x30 maps with day, night, black ash, white ash, and animated variants.  The sky and its scattered clouds are mirrored on the clear water of this part of the lake, to some perhaps, a beautiful feature keeping at bay, for now, the creeping darkness of the woods of this realm. A pale light filters through the trees, emanating from bulbs of energy seemingly hovering amid the foliage, bringing attention to numerous threads of silvery webbing stretching here and there.

Encounter Hook

Around the banks of this small lake, at certain points, an unnerving silence curls around the woods. As the party notices the silvery network of webs, maybe having to cut through them to make some headway, the otherwise still waters of the lake begin to stir. First one ripple that meanders out in circles. Then another. Something appears to be emerging slowly, deliberately, from the water. However, whatever attention is caught by this, at the corner of the eye something black skitters down one of the tree trunks nearby, seemingly phasing in and out of view as another one follows it down...


Shadow Lake

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