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Riverside Camp Map

Riverside Camp

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

The bubbling and rolling of a quiet river wakes this otherwise quiet campsite in a clearing in the woods, interrupted only by the crackling of a fresh campfire. Along with that, a few tents, a carriage, and some adventuring packs, is the suggestion the camp is inhabited. The river is spanned by a rickety wooden bridge very much in disrepair, and partially submerged along the north bank is a stepladder used perhaps for fishing. The morning sunlight breaks through the trees, adding to the sense of calm and restfulness.

Encounter Hook

This calm, however, is disturbed by the emergence from the river of slime-coated creatures, their immediate intent unknown. Their language and manner might appear illegible to the party at first. Are they hungry? Are they in need of healing or assistance? Their claws might probe and scratch as the creatures investigate the sight of this strange looking party, and they may startle easily at the sight of weapons or use of magicks. Unless they feel threatened, they may come across as harmless. However, these creatures may be hunted prey for another creature which then arrives on the scene.

Riverside Camp

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