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Planar Crossing

Planar Crossing

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

This bundle pack includes gridded & gridless isometric 40x30 maps with day & night, woods & cliffs, and animated variants. Cutting beautifully through wild space, this living, almost breathing bridge links two realms. Colourful specks of light swirl ominously around the vacuum of this pocket dimension, passage through this dangerous crossing presenting in any given moment the potential of opening rifts, gravitational shifts, and the seeping in of astral creatures ill at ease with any interruption of their flight. At the junction of this crossing rests a celestial treelike structure that pulses with each step towards it.

Encounter Hook

Any time spent in the unstable space between realms, where fissures and chinks might tear open in any moment, might end up proving an eternal effort. This crossing must be traversed quickly, but looking across towards the great tree unfurling like a stunning rose up ahead, the swirling vortex and comets clawing menacingly at the corner of the eye as numerous astral creatures emerge here and there, survival rather than quickness may well become the most pertinent concern.


Planar Crossing

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