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Peredig's Haunt Foundry

Peredig's Haunt

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

The legend of Peredig, the mysterious sorcerer who vanished without a trace years ago, still prickles hair on the back of the neck. Whispers of his arcane prowess and eccentric experiments still linger in the town's folklore, a story told in hushed tones around flickering hearth fires. He was a reclusive figure, dwelling in a peculiar hideout deep within the heart of the woods. His solitary existence fuelled rumours of arcane secrets and forbidden knowledge. Townsfolk would occasionally catch glimpses of the old sorcerer as he roamed the forest, before he simply vanished without a trace. Some say he ascended to another plane, while others believe he succumbed to the very magic he wielded.

In the heart of those woods, partially obscured by tangled vines and ancient trees, lies the remnants of Peredig's hideout, known now as the Haunt, for although locals speak of a mystic aura that shrouds the area, discouraging all but the bravest from approaching, whispers persist that the hideout is not as abandoned as it might seem. Those who have dared to venture too close claim to have heard ethereal whispers and seen ghostly apparitions within the decaying walls. Some say Peredig's experiments left an indelible mark on the place, rendering it a nexus for otherworldly energies. The more superstitious townsfolk, however, believe that Peredig's spirit lingers, guarding his secrets from prying eyes.

Encounter Hook

Through the entrance is a chamber lit dimly from the outside. By locating a lever hidden by arcane enchantments, a set of steps opens in the floor, leading down into three levels in which wisps of ethereal energy drift through the air, coalescing into the mournful forms of restless spirits. These benign apparitions are trapped in a loop of forgotten memories, and the party must tread carefully to avoid disturbing the delicate balance between the material and the ethereal. On the top level, a careless footstep might trigger a sinkhole trap, and an arcane door might need unlocked. On the next level down, illusory enchantments might slow the party's progress. On the third level down, the party might face a pit trap, and a secret door leading to an enchanted pool and a tunnel opening beyond.

And in the tight, musty corridors on each level the party explores, any one of the statues dotted around might animate aggressively, disturbed by the party's presence, and any number of restless ghosts, spectres, wraiths or more might look to guard this place, or to lead the party in a sorrowful dance, or to distract the party from discovering Peredig's ultimate fate.

Will the party move into the tunnel and delve even deeper to find the old sorcerer?

Peredig's Haunt

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