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Iron Horse Hijack

Iron Horse Hijack

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

The long-dismissed rumour of an iron horse that moves by coal and steam, along tracks laid out by enslaved workers through the heart of the realm, well, it must've been true after all, because here it is, the trail of steam noted miles off as it bursts into the sky, the noise of its wheels on the track echoing down here in the snow-layered woods. Perhaps it is mere curiosity that inspired the upcoming hijack, as logs are bundled onto the track before the robbers dart behind staked fences and trees. Whatever it might actually be, this rumoured iron horse ain't getting past this blockade in a hurry.

Encounter Hook

As the bandits lie in wait, the driver of the iron horse spots the blockade up ahead, and so slows the machine to a halt. Little do the bandits know, however, that passage on this new contraption does not come cheap, that only those with coin to burn can afford the journey, that amongst those with such coin are ancient vampires who may not take kindly to that journey being delayed. So is the party on the iron horse, are they the bandits, or do they stumble upon the encounter as it unfolds?...

Iron Horse Hijack Map Variants

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