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Heskel's Crossing

Heskel's Crossing

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

This bundle pack includes grid and gridless 40x40 maps with day, night, fallen, midsummer, and animated variants. A slow-moving river cuts through this otherwise silent hamlet, the throes of winter very much leaving its mark on the snow-covered streets, foliage, and buildings. A lone crossing spans the river, known locally as Heskel's Crossing after a poor soul who sacrificed his life by leaping from the bridge generations ago to save his pet dog, the bereaved dog having then spent the rest of her life sitting by the bridge until old age took her into the eternal night. Some say when the light breaks through the trees, a spectral vision of the man and his dog can be seen walking at peace across the bridge.

Encounter Hook

Perhaps in the knowledge of this local tale, on arrival at this scene the party might be wary of the chance of meeting some spectral presence. However, the presence it meets, whilst spectral indeed, is no peaceful man and dog. Rather, it is the collection of spirits and ghouls that led to the poor dog jumping into the river all that time ago. The party might wonder why the local populace speak not of those who have gone missing ever since that fateful night, this crossing a place of great sorrow as the taken souls below grow each year in number.

Heskel's Crossing Variants 

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