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Embattled Bridge

Embattled Bridge

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

This bundle pack includes grid and gridless 40x40 maps with day, night, damaged, impaired, and animated variants. This one was for a recent commission, an epic final battle on a bridge to end a long-term campaign, with two damage variants as the bridge starts to get blown apart from bombardments by approaching vessels on the river below.

The bridge itself is heavily fortified, with heavy weaponry positioned strategically in anticipation of the battle to come.  A golden statue stands guard, overlooking the bridge and the fast-moving river beneath, as green flags flutter in the breeze. Whatever ends up happening on this crossing will be remembered for a long time!

Encounter Hook

The only sound comes from the river crashing over the rocks, an early warning of the conflict to come, as above on the bridge and battlements not one armoured soul utters a word. They breathe slowly, calming their heartrates, checking the straps on their armour, double-checking the siege weaponry about to unleash hell. And then they hear it, the sound of orders shouted below, see the shadows of the first ships creep along the rocks, and then the scream of a cannonball as it rips through the air towards the bridge. It has begun.

Embattled Bridge Variants

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