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Astral Islands

Astral Islands

Battlemap Pack by Scott Docherty (Venger's Decks)

What's in this pack?

This bundle pack includes grid and gridless 40x30 maps with day, night, fey swamp, fey woods, and animated variants. Deep in the barren, infinitesimal outreaches of space and time, a few clumps of solid silvery matter have formed islands bridged together with potentially spurious wafts of energy. Rich with minerals fought over by the mining creatures who flock here now and again, who knows how long these islands will exist before being snuffed out by a rupture in time, before they reappear elsewhere.

Encounter Hook

As the party arrives on one of these islands, before long the displacement of energy its arrival generates begins to draw the attention of tiny silvery birds, themselves fragments of a forgotten deity and bearing that deity's aspect in some form or another. As they peck at the minerals glittering across the islands, without warning a number of items and creatures from another plane pop out of nowhere and crash onto the islands, cast out of their respective dimensions deliberately or accidentally, perhaps even dropped here from a malfunctioning bag of holding. Whatever lands here might see the party as a threat.


Astral Islands

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