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An Add-on Module by Hod Studio

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Hod Studio Publishing,
in collaboration with Melsonian Arts Council,
proudly presents:

TROIKA! is a science-fantasy role-playing game where you and your cosmopolitan group of fellow travellers explore the ends of the multiverse. You will fly on mystic barges, help dying gods, solve confounding crimes, plunder dead worlds, and meet strange & wonderful people.

Ready to dive into the world of Troika but don't have an adventure on hand? We've got you covered!

Troika (Premium Content) features the introductory adventure 'The Blancmange & Thistle,' complete with all the additional monsters and rollable tables you need for an unforgettable gaming experience!

But that's not all - this module also includes a comprehensive mirror of the book rules within the journals, fully linked and equipped with roll buttons when needed! With this module, you'll have everything required to embark on your adventure. Plus, Troika (Premium Content) brings all the stunning art from Troika books directly into your Foundry world!

This module contains:


While the Troika system has an SRD available to everyone, our Premium Content module enhances the experience by providing additional elements not found in the standard SRD. These include the complete bestiary, rules journals, and the introductory adventure 'The Blancmange & Thistle,' offering valuable additions to enrich your Troika adventures.

"Troika" is property of Melsonian Arts Council, all rights reserved.

Converted by Cussa Mitre/Hod Studio Publishing.

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