Package Description

Adds options to customize the token creation workflow, as well as auras and a quick attribute checker when hovering over a token.

Feature Overview

  • Automatic token indexing. (Appending an increasing number to tokens of a same kind on creation)
  • Random Name Generation from 35(!) languages
  • Override token config
  • Customizable overlay on token hover, for quick reference
  • Automatic name hiding
  • Hit Point rolling by formula (currently dnd5e only)
  • Automatic token scaling according to creature size and map grid distance. (dnd5e and pf2e only)


For further information, bug reports and help read the information provided here:

Tagged Categories

  1. Combat Enhancements
  2. Overhauls or Feature Suites

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.7.1

  2. Version 2.8.1

  3. Version 2.9.0

  4. Version 2.10.0

  5. Version 2.10.1

  6. Version 2.11.1

  7. Version 2.12.0

  8. Version 2.13.0