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Token Elevator

Change token elevation via hotkeys and mouse-wheel, prioritizing hovered tokens over selected. Base elevation level and elevation change steps can be configured by the GM.


  • Hover the mouse-pointer over a token and press the hotkeys to change its elevation in standard or large steps.
  • Use the hotkeys to change elevation of all selected tokens while your mouse-pointer does not hover over a specific token.
  • Open a token's HUD and use the mouse-wheel over the elevation field to change the elevation of all selected tokens by standard steps, press shift for large steps.


The default hotkey for changing token elevation is |\ on US/international keyboards and |<> on German ones (CTRL modifier to decrease, Shift for large steps).

Preview (animated GIF)

animated GIF

Known issues

  • Default keybind for resetting token elevation to 0 uses the ALT modifier, which conflicts with Foundry's default for "Highlight Objects", because the latter messes with hover on detection.

Future plans

  • Mouse-wheel changes via token mouse-over instead of having to use the token HUD.


Most of this module's code was made possible by the generous contributions of the Foundry VTT Discord channel #module-development.


MIT No Attribution

This is effectively "Public Domain". Magic, do as you will. See license file for details.


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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.3.3