Package Description

Attach anything(even other tokens and their attached elements aswell) to tokens, so that they move when the token moves and rotate/move when the token rotates. Resizing the base token will also resize all attached elements.

Baileywiki created a great showcase and tutorial video for the 4.0 release. I recommend it if you're updating from 3.x to 4.0 or if you haven't yet used Token Attacher at all:

For more information see the github readme at:

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  1. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version v1.0.1

  2. Version v2.0.0

  3. Version v2.1.1

  4. Version v3.0.0

  5. Version v3.0.1

  6. Version v3.0.2

  7. Version v.3.1.0

  8. Version v3.1.1

  9. Version v3.1.2

  10. Version v3.2.0

  11. Version v3.2.1

  12. Version v3.2.2

  13. Version v3.2.3

  14. Version v3.2.4

  15. Version v3.2.5

  16. Version v4.0.0

  17. Version v4.0.1