Package Description

Toggle Snap to Grid

A module for Foundry VTT that lets you disable a grid snapping for tokens with a UI button. Helpful for RP maps!

  • A button will appear on the token UI when right clicking. Press it to toggle grid snapping on and off.
  • If grid snapping is off you can hold shift to temporarily turn grid snapping back on.

Toggle Snap to Grid Example


Drag Ruler Support

This module supports Drag Ruler ( and changes the ruler's measurement type based on if grid snapping is enabled. When Drag Ruler is installed an option will appear in the settings menu: 

  • Choose how you want measurements and highlighting to look when dragging an unsnapped token. This option is client specific so all players can choose what best fits them.

Drag Ruler Support Example



Works best with the LibWrapper module ( installed.

Install from the Foundry module installer or by inputting this manifest link in "Manifest URL" field:

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  1. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.6.0

  2. Version 2.7.1