Package Description

Tidy UI Game Settings

-- formerly FVTT UII Game Settings --


Presenting Tidy UI

- Game Settings stand alone module -


Tired of scrolling through endless Modules or Module Settings to find the one checkbox to change?

Confused by the Layout of checkboxes, buttons and input fields and element spacings?


Now you can experience a cleaner, more readable layout of the module manager and settings tabs.


New Features:


Simple Import /Export function to export your active module list.

Slightly adjusted Settings Panel to group buttons for better navigation.

Clearner, better scanable layout for input fields and descriptions in the Module Manager ans Settings Tabs.

Modules in the Manager and Settings Tab are now alphabetically ordered by title.

Toggle the Module Information in the Module Manager to make it quicker and easier to browse installed Modules.

uncheck or check all modules in the Module Manager with a single click.

Expand and collapse each Module in the Module Settings Tab to only see the options for the module you want to change.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.31