Package Description

The Witcher TRPG

This is  an unofficial implementation of the R. Talsorian Games system of  The Witcher TRPG for Foundry VTT.


    • Character Sheet
      Derived Stats are automaticly calculated upon modifications
      Characters can roll skill test, attacks, damage and defense themself with a simple click of a button
      Easily Keep track of your Resources (HP, Stamina, Resolve, Focus, Luck, Adrenaline, Improvement Points)
      Simplified Attacks/Defense dialogs that helps you with all of the modifiers 
      Organize your inventory in sections and is easy to vizualise
      Drag and drop character's weapons and spells to the macro bar for easy access during play 

    • Monster Sheet
      Create the most hideous creatures
      Handles the skills test and attacks of your monsters 
      Easy Acces to commoner Supperstitions and Witcher Kmowledge

    • Loot Sheet
      Keep Track of the weight and cost of everything that your merchant/treasure/monster's den may have
      Drag and Drop items from a loot sheet to any character.
    • Items Sheet
      You can create any of those items:
      Race, Profession, Weapon, Armor, Valuables, Components, Diagrams, Spells, Notes



  • Items
    All of the simple components and valuables are included has a compendium
    The Item Compendium does not include any copyrighted data like block of texts from the books.


  • RollTables
    Generate a complete radomized background for any Character
    Generate multiple Life events including the witchers life envents for your background
    Combat tables that can be used for criticals wounds, damage location, scatter direction. mounted combat

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.0.3

  2. Version 0.0.31

  3. Version 0.0.38

  4. Version 0.0.40