Package Description

Theatre Inserts allows for a visual novel style RP experience for text, and text-voice hybrid games.

The primary function of Theatre is to allow for graphical 'theatre-inserts' or 'standin-graphics' to appear on screen with an accompanying area for text beneath them.

This follows the style of visual novels, and even provides a means to animate or decorate the text as it appears in the below box. It also provides an emote system to allow users to configure different graphics for the various emotive expressions.

Most of the emotes additionally have a built in 'emote animation' that occurs when the emote is selected, which can be toggled off globally if undesired.


The original and immense work for this module is from Ken L, Theatre Inserts was then be picked up by NoahZorbaugh, and then by U~Man who maintained the day to day updates. Brother Sharp commissioned on behalf of the Japanese TRPG community the port of the module to Foundry VTT 0.7.7, done by KaKaRoTo.

The original module author no longer supports FVTT and has moved support of these features elsewhere.


Tagged Categories

  1. Chat Log and Messaging
  2. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.1.3

  2. Version 1.15.4

  3. Version 1.15.5

  4. Version 1.16.2

  5. Version 1.17.0