Package Description

TExtended - The Tiny MCE Extender

A helpful module for easily adding in options to the Tiny MCE editor - including the option to add in custom stylesheets.

Useful for adventure writers to be able to easily customize things like journal entries, or any area where the Tiny MCE editor is utilized.  This module is not required to be installed for the styles to work - all that is needed is the stylesheet the TinyMCE styles reference.


Registering Stylesheets

You do not need to register a stylesheet if it is already loaded some other way - ie, if another module, your system, or your world already loads the stylesheet then there is nothing for you to do here.

This section is only for adding in external stylesheets that are not already loaded and without wanting to edit your world.json.

Extending the TinyMCE Editor

The TinyMCE Editor's predefined options are split into two categories - groups and extensions.

You must first define a group that will contain all the individual styles (also known as extensions) you wish to add.

Then, under each group, you can have as many extensions as you want.  Each extension has the following properties:
 - Title: What the extension will display as
 - Element: The name of the HTML element that the extension gets wrapped in.  Block elements force new lines, inline elements can be placed in the middle of a sentence.
 - Wrapper: This format is a container format for block elements - if the Element above is a block element, this should be enabled.
 - Split: Whether this extension should split the existing element it is being placed in.  
  For instance, disabled would be: ``<p>This is <span>not split</span> text.</p>`` but enabled would be ``<p>This is </p><span>now split</span><p> text.</p>``
 - Classes: A list of CSS classes that this extension will apply when use.  Separate each with a space, and do not use any dots.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.2.0

  2. Version 1.2.1