Package Description

TableMap - Display FoundryVTT upon your table with embedded screen!

Simply create a placeholder user with a placeholder character, give the user 'Observer' permissions for all characters that you the table map to see.

Then assign that user in settings, input the diagoal size of your display and away you go!

Checkout the hotkeys for more information on use.


Display User

User that will have UI hidden and map automatically scaled. Ensure they have a placeholder character and have 'Observer' permissions for all player characters

Diagonal size of display

Input number in inches. (Used with screen resolution to calculate correct canvas scale, so each map square will be 1 inch)

Custom DPI override

Force a custom DPI override for scale calculation, if you do not want the module to calculate the DPI (or it's calculating incorrectly)


Name Default key Description
Pan to centre T Pans and scales the map to the centre for the display user
Toggle fullscreen F Sets browser to be fullscreen
Toggle UI U Hide or show the Foundry UI

Future enhancements

- Implement hotkeys to pan the screen in cases where the map is larger than the optimal map size for a screen

- Implement socket use, to allow a DM to send hotkey commands to the display user's session

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0