Syndei & the Vault of Frozen Memories

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For years now it's been the same old routine for the inhabitants of Flim: Every Friday they find themselves under siege by one of several groups of identical monsters in an attempt to burn their village to the ground and kill everyone inside. A terrible cold front had also taken permanent hold over the southern part of the village. Destroying Flim's crops in the process and leaving its inhabitants without a means to provide for their families.

This set in motion the founding of a local adventurers guild, a project that lured in any aspiring adventurers to pay for the experience to fight monsters in a safe and regulated environment, with all the townsfolk taking up the mantle of performers to give these "heroes" a taste of real adventure.

When it first started, standing face to face with these monsters of legend come to life was thrilling, but once you've faced yet another iteration of the same bunch of skeletons for the hundredth time you've grown tired of the whole charade. But now the townsfolk have grown rather tired of catering to the types of "heroes" the guild have attracted and would love it if someone could finally manage to take care of the root of the problem.

Crosshead is creating hand painted battle maps, mapping assets, one-page one-shots, and full adventures for dnd5e!

This standalone adventure is designed for a party of level 10 characters and will challenge the heroes to discover the secrets of the Syndei and their Vault of Frozen Memories. All the maps used in this adventure were build using the custom hand painted DungeonDraft assets, animated webm files and Foundry to bring it all together.

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