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This module provides a minimal UI view with automated camera work, ideal for streaming or recording games, without all the GM clutter that running a game entails. It works by assigning a non-player user to the module, and when a browser is logged in as that user, Foundry will present a minimal UI, with the following functions:


  • Multiple camera tracking modes:
    • Automatic camera mode tracks player character tokens in the scene, adjusting the camera focus to keep them in view.
    • Directed camera mode tracks the GM's view at all times.
  • In Automatic mode, during combat, the current combatant's token, targets and measured templates are tracked by the camera.
  • Optionally, the view of the current combatant's controlling user can be tracked during combat.
  • If using in-game voice/video chat, tokens for the currently speaking users will be focussed, and a speaking indicator will be shown above their token (GMs will use their currently selected token, if any).
  • Shared popouts (e.g. journal notes/images shown to players) may be auto-closed after a timeout. Alternatively, they may be closed manually from the Stream View toolbar.
  • Camera mode may be toggled dynamically from the Stream View toolbar.



  • Create a user that will be used to stream your games, we'll call that user `Stream`.
  • Assign the Stream user `Observer` permissions for all player actors, this will ensure that the stream view shares vision with your party's tokens.
  • Select the Stream user under Foundry VTT `Settings` -> `Configure Settings` -> `Module Settings` -> `Stream View` -> `Stream User`, and save.
  • Log in with your Stream user in a new browser session, for recording.


OBS Studio

  • Add a browser source that points to your Foundry installation's web interface.
  • Right-click on the browser source and choose 'Interact', then log in as your Stream user.
  • ???
  • Profit



  • Record some demonstration videos to show off the features.
  • Add auto-camera viewport preview to the Stream View toolbar for GMs, requires implementing a fully functional layer and Document/DocumentConfig/etc based on Drawing.
  • See if there's any sane way to do Discord voice activity detection, unfortunately there's no tidy solution for this, particularly for hosted Foundry.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.1

  2. Version 0.1.4