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This module provides various CombatTracker improvements, intended to be used with the StarTrekAdventures system. The module heavily interacts with the awesome Lancer Initiative module by Bolts, which does most of the work.

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  • Fix the formula for initiative to use the Daring attribute, as stated in Star Trek Adventures core rules, rather than Security discipline.
  • Automatically start combat when initializing an encounter.
  • Automatically "roll" initiatives and reset activation whenever a character joins the encounter.
  • Hide chat messages and notification spam from "rolling" initiatives in the background.
  • If the combatant token is hidden to players based on its token settings:
    • Hide combatant names from players in CombatTracker as well as ChatLog. Combatants show as "Unknown Combatant" (or your localized equivalent). Always visible for GM.
    • Hide target value of dice rolls in ChatLog, to not reveal stats to players. Always visible for GM.
  • Hide combatant initiative of neutral and enemy characters from players in CombatTracker. Always visible for GM. Players only see the turn-order, not actual values.
  • Hide initiatives roll buttons for GM, as they aren't needed anymore.
  • Features inherited from Lancer Initiative:
    • Sort combatants by friendly/neutral/enemy, then by initiative.
    • Support for combatants that have multiple turns per round. E.g. for NPC ship crews or when given by special talents. GM can right-click combatants in the list and hit "Add Activation".


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Various other modules and assets have been used for the video/screenshot:

Required Game Systems

  1. Star Trek Adventures 2d20 (Unofficial) Latest Version: Version v1.1.6 Last Updated 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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