Package Description

This system module implements the german RPG system Splittermond by Uhrwerk Verlag. This includes:

  • Fully functional Charactersheet with skill check buttons.
  • Fully functional NPC-Sheet
  • Item sheets for masteries, strengths, weapons, armors etc.
  • Combat Tracker with Tick-management
  • Skill checks can be requested by the game master
  • Importer for the character creation and management tool Genesis using the internal character import functionality
  • Copy-and-Paste- Importer for spells, masteries, strengths from PDF publications

Currently, the system is only available in german, but can be translated by providing other language files. Due to licensing issues, no item compendia are available at the moment and has to be generated manually. Therefor the Copy-and-Paste importer helps to generate the necessary items.

The basic rulebook can be downloaded free of charge at



Available Versions

  1. Version 0.4.8

  2. Version 0.8.4