Package Description


Add blood and gore to your games

Give that extra touch to your game, compatible with most game systems (minor configuration required)

Bood on hit

The bigger the hit, the more the blood. Configure manual blood scale, violence level, and blood trails

Blood by creature type

Set up a configuration for blood color and creature type, by default one for dnd5e is included

Per Token Blood color

Set the blood color differently for each token

Custom Data Path

Set the data path of relevant data to adjust Splatter for your game system


Blood and guts exists, why make a new one?: Blood and guts was a massive project and while it was amazing, with a lot of code comes a lot of issues and it's extremely difficult to mantain and fix. This implementation is simpler and more streamlined, and while it has less features, it will be much easier to mantain and adopt if it ever gets abandoned


The included Splatter font was created by Codin Repsh


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  1. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.6.2

  2. Version 2.6

  3. Version 2.9.7

  4. Version 3.0.4