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A small module for displaying and controlling the current time of day.


Quick Summary


Video overview: (somewhat out of date now, but it covers the main bits :)


How to Use

There's a show/hide toggle in the Journal Notes tool layer:

Use the forward/back buttons to change the time, or drag the sun/moon icon (non-GM users will not have these controls):

You can position the window anywhere you like with the drag handle at the bottom, or pin it just above the Players list:

For each scene, you can choose how much of the display can be seen by Players, and whether or not to link the time to the scene's Darkness Level:

If you have a calendar-providing module (or game system) enabled, SmallTime will sync with its date. Clicking on the time will toggle the date display; Shift-clicking the time will toggle the realtime clock (if provided by your other modules or game system).

If you have Simple Calendar enabled, make sure its sync setting is on "Mixed", and also click its "Export to About Time" button to start the sync. Calendar and time info from there should now sync up with SmallTime, though I don't currently support nonstandard time divisions.



There are a number of settings you can change:

...including custom sunrise/sunset times, and global maximum & minimum darkness levels:



Full support for:


Need Help?

If something's not working right, or you've got other questions or comments, feel free to hit me up on the Discord (@unsoluble#5084), or file a ticket.



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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.8.7