An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: Wasp Project Source: Project URL Versions 10+ (Verified 11) Last Updated 9 months ago


This is a powerful module that lets you play visual effects in your scenes, attaching them to tokens or other elements, animating them, quickly and easily removing them, play sounds for all or specific players, run macros one after another in a controlled way, and so much more.


Here's a guide how to create a lightning teleport effect using the Sequencer, JB2A, and warpgate:


You can read more about the module on this website:


Available Versions

  1. Version 3.1.4

    9 months ago
    Foundry Version 10+ (Verified 11) Manifest URL Read Notes
  2. Version 2.414

    Foundry Version 10+ (Verified 11) Manifest URL Read Notes
  3. Version 2.2.4

    Foundry Version 0.8.2+ (Verified 9.000) Manifest URL Read Notes