Package Description

Make simple transitions to show players while navigating to a scene. 

Also show from a journal or macro for quick narratives.


Video Preview


Use the context menu on the navigator or directory to 'Create Transition'

Add background image, text, and configure to your liking and save. When you want to play it, bring up context menu and press 'Play Transition' 

Transition will play and begin preloading scene. Scene will activate underneath transition. 


Use the textbox sourcecode editor to add custom html and override default css.




See Github for the options available

Tagged Categories

  1. Overhauls or Feature Suites
  2. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.0.6

  2. Version 0.0.7

  3. Version 0.0.8

  4. Version 0.0.9

  5. Version 0.1.1

  6. Version 0.1.2

  7. Version 0.1.3

  8. Version 0.2.1