Package Description

This is a Foundry VTT module for GMs to quickly backup and restore scenes.

You can access this tool from the scene directory or the scene navigation. Just right click on the scene to see the context menu and a new option called "Scene Backup Tool" will be present.



When you want to modify or test a scene that you are building it is very handy to take a "snapshot" (similar to a quick save) of the entire scene status (doors, actor tokens, etc) so you can mess around with all that and go back (quickly restore) to the previous state of the scene.

The concept is quite simple: Before you do any major modification on a scene, just click on Backup Scene and this module will automatically create a backup of the scene state. Then at anytime you can click on Restore Scene to restore it to that state. If you are concerned with the storage or for your own organization you can always click on Remove Backup to remove the backup for that scene.


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