Package Description

Salon - A Chat-centric UI replacement for FVTT

This module attempts to streamline the roleplaying process in FVTT for text-based roleplayers, by implementing UI changes and bringing some QOL changes for those used to playing their games via Discord or IRC.

Salon - Chat UI Suite Preview Image


Requires tabbed-chatlog and wouldn't be possible without it.


New, Wider Chatlog

Salon Instant Messenger

Significantly reshapes the UI

Allows Editing of Posted Chat Messages

Shows when others are typing

Integrated support


Salon plans to bring a number of additional features to its UI suite for those who run their games entirely through text.

Planned Features

Known Issues

This module will very likely not play well with:


Open. If you feel you can significantly improve this module please by all means do so. I also take suggestions for ways to improve my logic and flow, but given my level of knowledge with JS (spoiler alert: it's bad) I may straight out tell you no.


This code isn't the worst I've written- but like that PC in the corner of your office that still runs Windows 98: it shouldn't work, no one knows why it's working, and the only person who uses it couldn't tell you why they like it.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.6