S5E: Midnight City

An Add-on Module by Sigil Entertainment Group

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An Add-on Module by Sigil Entertainment

Midnight City takes the Iron Age of comics and applies that tone to a four-color setting, providing a locale where street level vigilantes, magicians, occultists, and paragons of hope mingle in an attempt to take back the city. Requires S5E Core Rules Module.

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Suncoast Port was once a bustling, sandy, sun-drenched city, full of tourists, beach-goers, and movie stars. It was a prime target for villains, but ably protected by the acclaimed Praetorian, the valiant hero and movie star. For years, Suncoast City stood as the shining gem of the West Coast and superheroes flocked to the famous city.

But light cannot exist without darkness and three years ago the diabolical Chronikus, a time-travelling sorcerer, slew Praetorian, and cast a mighty spell that plunged the city into an era of permanent-semi darkness. As these mystical clouds dampened the sun over Suncoast Port, many heroes, the wealthy and powerful, and those with the means, fled the city, abandoning the citizens who could not leave.

Now cloaked in pitch-black night, with no starlight to see by, and a dismal, dreary day, with only the faintest of sunlight, Suncoast City became Midnight City. Despite the best efforts of super-science, mighty eldritch magic, and heroes the universe over, the spell has not been undone. Suncoast City was abandoned, declared a no-man's land by the government, and sealed off by a military cordon.

The only heroes who remain are those who are willing to operate in shadows, fighting smugglers, criminals, and protecting those who could not flee. They seek to reclaim the city, block by block, holding back the forces of evil, greed, and violence unleashed by the villains who now run the city. Midnight City is the flames in which heroes are forged and with hope, courage, and strength, you may one-day find the means to undo Chronikus' spell.

Midnight City Sourcebook As An Easy To Use Journal

New heroes, villains and Monsters

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