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Similar to Show-Drag-Distance it extends the ruler from the token (if one is selected). No drag support, but the camera can be moved while token gets moved.


Just want difficult terrain?

Then look at my other module which brings standalone Difficult Terrain. It even is somewhat compatible with Show-Drag-Distance version 2.1.4!



  • Use ctrl to start a ruler from your selected token
  • Press X to increment the difficult terrain modifier
  • Press Y to decrease the difficult terrain modifier

Example Example





  • Prepare modul for the removal of difficult terrain (will be removed on 8.10.2020)



  • Stop broadcasting difficult terrain to other users when the player does not have the permission
  • remove media files from module download



  • Add option with shortcut to reset current local data to fix issues if appearing
  • Add option to enable difficult terrain multiplier for every ruler, not only those expanding from a selected token
  • Add multiple language support



  • Instantly broadcast updated multiplier



  • Support multiple difficult multipliers.
  • increment the multiplier by a set amount (default 1) to the maximum multiplier (default 2).
  • Cycle through with X incrementing the multiplier
  • Cycle through with Y decreasing the multiplier



  • Sync difficult terrain between players, the ruler now shows for everybody the same correct distance value



  • Fixed bug not rendering ruler for other players in case of an square grid

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.2

  2. Version 0.1.5