Package Description

Adds average Server http response time over a configurable period to the client's display under the 'Players' view in the bottom left corner.  

Pops up a chart of the data on click for user, hides chart on click of chart.


** Important note for v0.2.1 and above: The settings have switched from milliseconds to seconds - ##you will need to reset your settings to adjust## if you are moving from an older version.


v1.0.2 - tested compatabilty with 0.7.9 - no detected errors.


  • All users response times shown using foundry sockets
    • response measure is still http request
    • chart popup is still only for the local user
  • compatibility with foundry version 0.7.2 
  • codepath optimizations, refactoring

Tagged Categories

  1. Tools and Controls
  2. Analytics and Tracking

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.2