Package Description

The system is at present an open Beta.

A system implementation for the Renaissance d100 SRD for FoundryVTT published by under the OGL.


Renaissance is a free D100 roleplaying system designed for historical and fantasy gaming in the age of black powder weapons. It features familiar mechanics, grim and gritty combat, extensive period weapons and equipment lists, dozens of professions, and rules for factions and belief systems. It also includes two magick systems - the powerful battle alchemy first introduced in Clockwork & Chivalry 1st Edition, and a streamlined and expanded version of the witchcraft rules from the Silver Oggie Award-winning supplement Divers & Sundry. Based on Newt Newport's OpenQuest and released under an Open Gaming License, which allows companies and individuals to incorporate the rules into their own games, is also showcases the rules system of 


  • Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition, the epic historical fantasy RPG
  • Clockwork & Cthulhu which adds cthonic horror to the mix
  • Dark Streets  - The Adventures of the Bow Street Runners in their Struggle Against the Minions of the Cthulhu Mythos

All published by Cakebread & Walton, authors of Abney Park's Airship Pirates.


Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.0

  2. Version 0.2.0

  3. Version 0.3.0

  4. Version 0.4.0

  5. Version 0.6.0