Package Description

Quickly find characters, monsters, items, spells etc. and insert them wherever you need them right now - the map, character sheets, roll tables, journals, you name it.

Quick Insert provides a context-aware search/autocomplete tool that can be used in most parts of FoundryVTT. Integration with chat, character sheets (select systems), rich text editors, macro editors and the roll table editor.


See the README for full usage instructions.

See the album with more example images.

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Insert in character sheet

Tagged Categories

  1. Automation Enhancers
  2. Actor and Item Sheets
  3. Tools and Controls
  4. Journals and Notes

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.3.7

  2. Version 2.4.0

  3. Version 2.4.1

  4. Version 2.4.2

  5. Version 2.4.3

  6. Version 2.4.4

  7. Version 2.4.5

  8. Version 2.4.6

  9. Version 2.4.7

  10. Version 2.5.0