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Keep your Scene clean and your encounters simple! 

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Quick Encounters works well with TokenMold to vary your tokens' names, HP, etc (although TokenMold is not required for Quick Encounters).

If you are using the DND5e system, Quick Encounters will also give you the total XP of the encounter in the Quick Encounter Journal Entry.


Method 1

Drag Hostile tokens to the map and select them. Then press the Quick Encounters button and your tokens and their positions are saved into a Quick Encounter Journal Entry, and "packaged" into a single Note on the Scene. To run your Quick Encounter, simply double-click the map Note and click the "Add to Combat Tracker" button; all your saved tokens will be positioned back on the map and added to the Combat Tracker, ready to fight!

Method 1 brings the functionality of Fantasy Grounds "Encounters" to Foundry.

Method 2

Drag Actors into an existing or new Journal Entry describing the encounter. Then drag the Journal Entry to the Scene map at the encounter position. To run your Quick Encounter, simply double-click the map Note and click the Quick Encounter button. Your tokens will be positioned around the Note, and added to the Combat Tracker.

For Roving Encounters, wait to place the Quick Encounter Journal Entry until you decide on the encounter location during a session. Then follow the remaining steps for Method 2.

Method 3 (save tokens into existing Journal Entries)

If you have a licensed module with existing Journal Entries you probably don't want to edit all of them to insert Actors (Method 2). If you're using the new Quick Encounter Dialog instead, drag Hostile tokens (representing the Encounter) to the Scene, open the Journal Entry you want to associate the Quick Encounter, click the Quick Encounter button and you will be asked if you want to create a new Encounter (Method 1) or add the tokens to this Journal Entry.

To run the Encounter later, open the Journal Entry and use the Run Quick Encounter button in the Quick Encounter Dialog.

Or mix-and-match methods - you can always press the Quick Encounters button (the "fist" icon in the left-hand Basic Controls menu) for a helpful tutorial.

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