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Playlist Group

This module allows you to create playlist groups, i.e. playlists that group all the tracks from other playlists in a single stream



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System and dependencies



Create a Playlists Group

A dedicated button for creating a playlist group is in the header of the Playlists pane


Creer un groupe de playlists


When creating a playlist group you have to choose a name. It is also possible from the creation to link playlists to this group


Configurer un groupe de playlists


After the creation, it is possible to configure the other playlist settings. A playlist group works exactly like a playlist except that instead of adding audio tracks to it, it is associated with other playlists

Note that the playlist group is identified by a dedicated icon


Configurer la playlists


A playlist group automatically contains all the tracks of the linked playlists and this list is automatically updated when changes are made (modification of the linked lists, addition/removal of tracks in the linked playlists).


Groupe de Playlists


From the context menu of a playlist group it is possible to edit its name and associated playlists



The following functions are not available on a playlist group:

  • Duplicate
  • Export data
  • Import data

The following functions are not available on a track of a playlist group:

  • Edit track
  • Delete track

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0