Package Description

Pick-Up-Stix allows you to create items as tokens that players can interact with


  • Drop items from the items directory, compediums, or a player's inventory onto the canvas, player tokens, or container tokens.
  • Players may pick up item tokens directly into their inventory
  • Players may interact with container tokens by opening them to see a loot sheet which they can then interact with to pick up items or currency from the container.
  • Create template containers by create a 'container' type item using the 'Create Item' button in the Item Directory. This template can then be dragged onto the canvas to create an instance of that container that has all of the loot configured on the container Item. You can then edit this instance of the container separtely from the one in the Item Directory.
  • When interacting with a container, a selection is shown that allows players to choose which token's actor will loot the container.
  • GMs may edit item and container token instances' light configuration, lock them so that players cannot interact with them, or make them invisible by opening the right click HUD on the tokens.

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.11.9

  2. Version 0.11.10

  3. Version 0.12.0

  4. Version 0.12.1

  5. Version 0.12.2

  6. Version 0.12.3

  7. Version 0.12.4

  8. Version 0.13.0

  9. Version 0.13.1

  10. Version 0.13.2

  11. Version 0.13.3

  12. Version 0.13.4

  13. Version 0.13.5

  14. Version 0.13.6

  15. Version 0.13.7

  16. Version 0.13.8