Package Description

SBC | StatBlock-Converter for Pathfinder 1E

FoundryVTT Module to create new PC and NPC Actors from a text-based Statblock (as found for example on Archives of Nethys)


Install the SBC Module via the Add-On Module Tab in FoundryVTT using the following link to the manifest


Version 3.4.0 of SBC:

How to Use

  1. Copy a Statblock for the creature, enemy or npc you want to generate (beginning with the name).
  2. In the Actor Directory tab of foundry, click on "Import Statblock"
  3. Paste the Statblock into the textarea, check the preview for any errors and import via button as NPC or PC actor


sbc is never finished it seems :D. See change log for latest updates and issues for known bugs.

If you find any errors or have a statblock that can't be converted at all, feel free to open an issue here or let me know on the FoundryVTT Discord.

What gets converted

SBC creates a mostly complete Actor (PC or NPC) with embedded documents for feats, spells and stuff like that. Most of the time the conversion will not be complete, as for example items and gear may be imported incorrectly or as placeholders. For most actors this will be fine, for critical and important NPCs, Bosses and PCs i strongly advise you to use sbc for the bulk, but check for errors carefully!

Known Bugs

  • Depending on the size of the input and the number of custom compendia used, there may be long loading times!
  • Not all Statblocks are equally formatted. As long as its reasonably well formed, it should work. If not, check the preview area or console.
  • See Issues. If you find anythings thats not noted there, please let me know.

To Do

  • Fix bugs


Primer#2220 | FoundryVTT Discord

Required Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder 1 Latest Version: Version 0.81.3 Last Updated 1 month, 2 weeks ago

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  1. Content Importers

Available Versions

  1. Version 3.0.0-alpha2

  2. Version 3.0.0-alpha3

  3. Version 3.0.1

  4. Version 3.0.2

  5. Version 3.0.3

  6. Version 3.1.0

  7. Version 3.1.1

  8. Version 3.1.4

  9. Version 3.2.0

  10. Version 3.2.1

  11. Version 3.2.2

  12. Version 3.3.0

  13. Version 3.3.1

  14. Version 3.3.2

  15. Version 3.3.3

  16. Version 3.3.4

  17. Version 3.3.5

  18. Version 3.3.6

  19. Version 3.4.0