Package Description

Provides quick patches for some PF1 release issues.

The old fixes are not removed, so this also works as keeping older versions viable for play without need for downgrading farther.

See change log for what fixes are applied to each version. The versions match PF1 major versions they apply to and all previous versions patches have been released for.

Fixes for PF1 0.76.7 – 0.81.0

  • Need for double migration caused by range max increments.

Fixes for PF1 0.81.0

  • Weight editing not working correctly.

Fixes for PF1 0.80.22

  • Actorless tokens break token vision update.
  • Disable PF1 Alt Sheet 0.7.6 or older to prevent senses data damage.

Fixes for PF1 0.80.20

  • Shield data parsing failure in getRollData: #1420

Fixes for PF1 0.80.19

  • None. Simply aggressively discourages usage while disabling actor and item updates to avoid data corruption.

Fixes for PF1 0.80.16 – .18

  • Temp HP bug: #1407
  • Health tracking incompatibility: #1406

Fixes for PF1 0.80.16

  • Proficiency & languages bug: #1399

Fixes for PF1 0.80.15

  • NaN Power Attack fix with skipped dialogs: #1350
  • Disable ammo recovery buttons to avoid chat card damage: #1348

See change log for full listing of fixes applied to each version.

Required Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder 1 Latest Version: Version 0.81.3 Last Updated 3 weeks, 6 days ago

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