Package Description

The Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) system for Foundry VTT is a generic system that is built as a framework to allow you to build out character sheets for most systems that would be considered PbtA, assuming they include playbooks, character advancement, and a 2d6 (or similar, such as 2d10 or d6+d8) core mechanic that revolves around ranges of success.

Getting Started

Head over to the documentation at for a tutorial on how to build your own sheets for the PbtA RPG of your choice using this system.

Screenshot of a character sheet in the PbtA system.


Because this system is a general purpose framework, it does not include any compendium content or licensed material. More information on Vincent Baker's Powered by the Apocalypse policy can be found here:

The system's code is licensed using the MIT license, which can be found here:

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.4.0

  2. Version 0.4.1

  3. Version 0.4.2

  4. Version 0.4.3