A Game System for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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Foundry VTT implementation for Two Little Mice's Outgunned RPG.

This is a fan made implementation of the Outgunned RPG, it is not supported by Two Little Mice, but it's approved to be released as fan made material. It provides the sheets and system to run Outgunned on Foundry Virtual Table Top.

To the best of my knowledge this project does not include any materials from the official books, only allowed examples from the QuickStart) and you will have to enter manually the Items (f.e. Roles, Tropes, Feats, Gear etc…) to be able to play. The implementation provides the functionality to create and use your own Skills, Conditions, Roles, Tropes, Feats etc.

Outgunned © Two Little Mice

Foundry VTT support is covered by Limited License Agreement for Module Development.

I started this implementation with the Boilerplate system by Asacolips.


  • Automation: New Actors are automatically prefilled with created Skills and Conditions. If you drag the Age, Role and Trope in the character sheet (in the creation process), you get a prepared list of Skill Points added and some prepared Feats shown to choose from. Please make sure, that that you have all relevant Items in your World for these Automations to work (there is no search in Compendiums).
  • Instructions and Examples: In the System Compendiums you'll find a folder "Outgunned system", with some examples for the needed items in the game, like Role, Trope etc, as samples for Learning to use the system and creating the needed Items. Additionally you'll find a "Instruction" Journal with helpful information for Setting up and running the Game.
  • Languages: The Outgunned system as comprehensive support for the German language, inclusive a Compendium "Anleitung", that describes, what you need to know and which hardcoded Translations must be made centrally. If you're interested in adding further languages, please contact us.

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.0.3

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  2. Version 2.0.2

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  3. Version 2.0.1

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