Orksork's Emoji Dice So Nice Nice Dice

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: Orksork Project Source: Project URL Version 10 Last Updated 5 months ago

This module can only be used in conjunction with Dice So Nice! (minimum version required: 4.0) and adds seven custom dice systems with different faces based on unicode emojis.

Five of the dice systems are sets of emojis currently curated to:

Then there is one system as a joke where every face is replaced with "20".

Finally, since these changes are 100% cosmetic, why not have some fun? The last dice system replaces all of the dice with a pumpkin model so you can get into the fall spirit any time of the year.

Planned features:
Less randomness, make that halloween set, and others, a set 1-20 set of emoji.

Seasonal/varying dice sytstems that change their emoji set by the time of the year.

More models! Sheep knuckles, bones, skulls, more! (When I can find/make sufficiently licensed models that aren't too large)



Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 0.7.9 - 10.286 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes