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One Roll Engine

One Roll Engine is a Foundry VTT module, based on the One-Roll Engine (O.R.E) generic TTRPG system.  This basic system is used for games such as Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, and The Velvet Book. 

Basic command: /ore

Use the /ore command to roll a number of dice (d10s, ten-sided dice with the numbers from 1 to 10). You can type any of the following, to roll 7 dice:

/ore 7d10

/ore 7d

/ore 7

/ore 7 #electric dash attack!

They will all result in the same thing - a chat message that includes the result of the roll, with dice grouped up to sets.

Any text written after the #, "flavor text", will also be included.


The dice shown on the left are the "sets" you rolled. Sets include two or more dice with the same value. A set's "height" is that value, while a set's "width" is the amount of dice. For example, rolling a pair of tens is a "2x10", which has width 2 and height 10.

Visually, the dice in the sets will be shown in a column of identical-value dice.

Sets can be clicked to select/outline them (visible only to you).

Loose Dice

The dice shown on the right - which are smaller and uncolored - are the "loose dice".

Loose dice can be clicked to select/outline them (visible only to you).

Loose dice can be alt-clicked to make them go down, by 1 each time, until it goes below 1 and returns to its original value.


The One Roll Engine is published by Greg Stolze ( licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0.

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